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The Video Banshee Podcast

May 5, 2020

006 – Selling Without Selling w/ John Antonacci

Figuring out how to sell without selling is a steep learning curve that we all need to make these days. Gone are the days of make and ad to sell with clear intension. You now need to build a relationship of brand trust and personal trust with your customers. A nicer yet harder way to market. We talk to John Antonacci about using video to build this relationship this week.

Show Notes

Thought of the Week:

The Future of Video Selling: 4 Essential Sales Video Trends Salespeople Will Turn to in 2020 (and Beyond) to Grow

  1. Turn on your webcam.
  2. Record personalized videos for leads. 
  3. Use video to connect with leads on LinkedIn. 
  4. Include videos in your sales emails. 

John Antonacci’s Bio

John Antonacci is a Salesguy, Marketer and Speaker from Providence, Rhode Island Area. He is an experienced sales and marketing executive with a demonstrated history of working in the precious metals, advertising, and marketing industries. He has strong business development professional skills in Sales, Management, Business Development, Advertising, Marketing and Sales Management.


John Antonacci Social Media


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