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The Video Banshee Podcast

Feb 9, 2020

002 – Power of Consistent Creation w/ Diana Nguyen

Personal branding, and corporate bring for the matter, benefits from consistent quality content at regular times. Diana Nguyen shares insight on how to use this technique effectively with host, Chad.

Show Notes

Thought of the Week:

"Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out!” - Dr Suess

"The world is run by those who show up" - Robert B Johnson, Journal of Management in Engineering 

Be Brave

Phi and Me

Diana’s Details




Diana Nguyen’s Bio

Diana Nguyen is an actor, comedian and MC, and has appeared on The Project, Q&A, 5 bedrooms, How to Stay Married and more.

She is also a LinkedIn Video Content Creator behind #DancingDiana and #JustDoingKaraoke with over 34k followers.

She's a Co-Host of #LinkedInLocalMelbourne, one of the most successful #LinkedInLocal meetups worldwide, and has been performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival since 2011.

Recently she launched Phi and Me, the first Vietnamese-Australian comedy series in the world backed by the Australian Government.


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