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The Video Banshee Podcast

Feb 23, 2020

003 – Why Live Stream w/ Jared Jacobsen

The live streaming industry is booming with more and more business seeing success from well-crafted and professionally produced live streams for inwards and outwards purposes. Jared Jacobsen talks about why it's so important for businesses he deals with.

Show Notes

Thought of the Week:

Live streaming is the engaging interactive cherry on top of your video marketing campaign - Nimbler Digital Thought.

Jared Jacobsen’s Bio

Having studied a Bachelor of Communication majoring in media production, Jared has spent the last 16 years producing videos and corporate events for a range of business sectors and industries. 

With his own (and one of the few remaining boutiques) Green Screen studio in Annandale in Sydney, he has built a business helping brands produce high quality yet cost-effective communication pieces.


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