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The Video Banshee Podcast

Mar 8, 2020

004 – Video Marketing Strategy w/ Jonathan Poynter

Pressing record and pointing a camera in a direction may give you a great image but without a reason to shoot, or a story in mind, your video won't get you the marketing mileage you want from it. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Jonathan Poynter, Owner of Nimbler Digital, talk to us about how to THINK about the video in a marketing mindset.

Show Notes:

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What type of video is right for your business?

Jonathan Poynter’s Bio

Jonathan Poynter is a 30-year veteran of the Marketing industry, both traditional and digital. He has owned and operated a range of different businesses and has been the marketing director for some of the largest brands in Wine Tourism as well as owning his own theatre company as its one of his many passions. As the managing director of Nimbler Digital, he continues to use his unique ability to see ideas and campaign concepts that grab attention and conversions for his customers. He is also a massive fan of video marketing and football.



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